GPS & Tracking Solutions


Alert & Assist

Improve the safety of your mobile workers.   

Be proactive about lone worker safety.  Gain peace of mind and help improve the safety of your mobile workers by giving them the tools to request assistance and be located in the event of an emergency situation. 

Ideal for mobile workers who work:

  • Alone
  • In small groups
  • After regular hours
  • In unpopulated areas
  • In compromising environments

Ideal for businesses in:

  • Public Service
  • Home Healthcare
  • Social Services
  • Real Estate
  • HVAC, maintenance and repair services

Pendant & BlackBerry paired solution  

TELUS Alert and Assist Integrated uses an alert pendant paired with a BlackBerry via Bluetooth to signal an alert. 


Standalone Solution

TELUS Alert and Assist Dedicated uses a standalone device to signal an alert.  


Mobile Worker Locate Solution

TELUS Alert and Assist Lite allows businesses to locate mobile workers to confirm their whereabouts and well being.


24/7 Monitoring Centre (add-on)

Choose to have your mobile workers' status monitored by a third party Monitoring Centre.  The professional monitoring service will call contacts or dispatch emergency response personnel as required.




One Push Alert

  • In an emergency, mobile workers can send an alert at the push of a button, providing their current location to one or more contacts.
  • Alert details are received on the feature rich, easy-to-use web portal and via SMS or email for mobile contacts.  

Mobile worker tracking

  • At any time, locate your mobile workers from any Web-enabled computer
  • Regular interval tracking (every 15, 30 or 60 minutes) with historical playbacks
  • High-frequency tracking with locates every 15 seconds for tracking mobile workers who have triggered an alert and need to be monitored
  • Geofence notifications when workers leave an allowed zone or enter a disallowed zone


  • View historical information, including location details, alerts triggered, check-ins, worker logins and more from multiple reports


  • Mobile workers can set their own check-in schedule with automatic reminder
  • Alert triggered automatically if the check-in time elapses without the mobile worker checking-in  

"No Motion" alerts

  • For mobile workers who may be unable to trigger an alert due to being immobile or unconsciousness
  • Automatic alert triggered when the Integrated Bluetooth pendant does not move for a period of 2 minutes

Only available in TELUS wireless coverage areas in Canada if the product or handset have enough power to operate.  See for coverage maps.  Client is responsible for monitoring of the service and for alert response.  Not for use in high availability applications or high risk operations.

For more information, please contact a Cellutel Communications sales professional.